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MP3 Transformer is an online radio recorder designed for music lovers whether 8 or 80-year-old, easy as pie and bundling the most diverse musical genres and radio stations you can think of. 2000 Web radio stations are available with tens of music genres you can instantly explore!

It installs in seconds and just in seconds it will stream and record your favorite Internet Radio stations and help you discover many new ones.

windows8-compatible-230x230MP3 Transformer has its own impressive list of Internet Radio stations you can stream but also allows you to add in the “Stream List” section any other stations you like. With MP3 Transformer you can manually start and stop a recording and save the audio file into your library in a format which allows you to add it to any portable devices you are using so you can listen to it anytime you want.

If you like your music organized then you can create folders on musical genres, make specific recordings using the radio stations that match your tastes (for example, rock, jazz or electronic ), save audio files in those folders and ...there you go! Your collection of songs is getting bigger and bigger while you’re enjoying your favorite music!

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